'Cockling' has been a popular pastime for well over 100 years, with the Cockle Train still a reminder of those days gone by. Commercial pipi fishing really only started in the 1970's. Goolwa Pipi Co has grown from those small beginnings.


The Beach

We harvest our pipis from the stunning Coorong National Park in South Australia. Our beach is so remote it can only be accessed from the water, or a 100km drive along the sand from the southern end of the beach.

Hand harvested pipis

We harvest our pipis with the utmost thought about maintaining our pristine environment. For this reason we still harvest our pipis by hand.


Certified Sustainable Fishery

For many years our beach was over harvested. We now work closely with government to ensure our fishery is sustainable and we have recently gained MSC Certification.

Modern Processing Facility



Our modern processing facility located in Port Elliot uses state of the art filtration systems to make sure our pipis are completely sand free.

We also have large snap freezing facilites and a vacuum MAP packing machine.

This is certainly a big change from our early days of simply placing the pipis in buckets in the Coorong.