Goolwa Pipi Co.
Goolwa Pipi Co.

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    Steeped in history, true
    partners to the environment
    and Ngarrindjeri people,
    humble to our core.



    Everything we do is focussed on excellence – from finding the freshest Pipis, our connection to traditional owners, respecting the ocean, and collaborating with local fishers.



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    Lauded by chefs, our sweet
    Pipis are hand harvested year-
    round from the Coorong’s
    clean and wild waves.



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    Goolwa Pipis


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    Goolwa Pipis


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    Australia’s top chefs share how they use the sweet, nutty flavour of our wild Goolwa Pipis.



    Growing and harvesting our Pipis takes care and time. See how Australia’s leading chefs take their own careful approach with this humble product to make dishes that are truly special.



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    “I’ve seen guests roll their
    eyes and stare towards
    heaven as they taste them.
    You don’t see that often.”

    Guy Grossi

    – Grossi Restaurants

    A Proud


    We work hand in hand with the Ngarrindjeri people who have been on country for 19,000 years.



    Harvesting Pipis (or Kuti) by hand has a long and proud history in our region. Our approach is about honouring those traditions and building community – drawing together to protect all that’s important, to all of us.



    Discover Our Heritage

    “Having the Kuti harvest crew
    back on the country our people
    have been relying on as a food
    source for literally hundreds of
    generations makes us incredibly
    proud as a nation.”

    Uncle Derek Walker

    – Ngarrindjeri Elder

    Our Harvest


    Goolwa PipiCo is nothing without its hardworking harvest crews who battle against the elements daily.



    Each crew is unique, but they’re all bound together by the love of our ocean-to-plate magic. First up, there’s Hoad Fisheries. A third-generation family-run fishing company started by Kevin Hoad in the early 1970s. The Hoads could fish before they could walk and are trailblazers in our industry.

    Then next up is the father-son duo, Stevie and Jacob Jones from the Goolwa PipiCo Harvest Crew. They might be men of few words, but they’re tough as nails and sure know how to dig pipis!


    Lastly, the Ngarrindjeri Kuti Co crew joined the fold in 2019, and we feel deeply honoured that they share their rich 19,000-year history of sustainably fishing the pipi resource with our company.

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