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    A Sustainable


    By hand harvesting our humble pipis, we take only what the pristine south australian waters offer. Not a pipi more.



    It’s no secret that in some parts of the world, fisheries vacuum the seabed to harvest shellfish. Whilst it might be economically efficient, it lacks the sense of connection our harvesters have with the resource they fish.

    By contrast, our fishers brave the cold clear waters and wild waves of the Coorong all year round to carefully hand harvest our Pipis. Steeped in tradition, it’s a slow and deliberate process, that’s as careful with nature’s resources as it is with our precious Pipis.


    Our partners, families and customers know that applying a sustainable approach is good for our industry, better for the ocean, and best for our community. Working together, we ensure a sustainable future.

    We believe it’s our duty to
    protect the future of our
    beautiful pristine oceans.

    The Tick of


    Goolwa PipiCo is proud to bear the coveted Marine Stewardship Council ‘blue tick of approval’, a mark that can only be used by fishers that catch sustainably using the most careful techniques.



    We honour our heritage and protect our marine environment because it’s best for the entire community. But it’s nice to be recognised for our efforts. When you see the blue tick on our products, you know they’ve had a sustainable journey to your table.

    For all types of seafood
    caught in the wild, the MSC
    blue fish tick ensures your
    seafood has been caught
    sustainably – and there’s
    plenty left for tomorrow.

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