About Kuti Shack

Nestled amongst the sandhills of Goolwa Beach, Kuti Shack is the result of Goolwa PipiCo and our Kuti Co partners sitting down with a couple of mates, who just happen to be really good at cooking and deciding to go into business together. We look forward to sharing our story.

The Chefs

Having worked at and headed up some of South Australia’s finest restaurants, Brendan and Vanessa do incredible things with Fleurieu produce. The Kuti Shack will feature local fish and many of the Fleurieu’s finest ingredients, including the mighty Pipi (Kuti) of course.

About KutiCo

Ngarrindjeri people having been harvesting Kuti (also known as Pipis and Cockles if you’re a South Australian) for over 10,000 years. KutiCo already owns over 10% of the South Australian Pipi fishery and hopes to increase its holding. This investment has Ngarrindjeri people back ‘on country’ that plays such an important part in their culture.

The Food

The Kuti Shack will be an exciting test kitchen for our partnership to try new and innovative Pipi dishes with local indigenous ingredients. But for those who are still to jump on the #pipirevolution there is a host of other seafood, produce, wine and craft beer from the Fleurieu, cooked by local creative chefs.

Local Ngarrindjeri

Walk through the sandhills surrounding the Kuti Shack and you’ll probably come across piles of shells, or middens, which are reminders of ancient gatherings. The Ngarrindjeri were onto the sweet, nutty taste of a Kuti thousands of years before it turned up in restaurants and fishmongers throughout Australia. The delicacy comes straight out of pristine waters that are part of Ngarrindjeri country.

The Artist

On the side of the Kuti Shack is a spectacular artwork of the Coorong which was painted by local artist Cedric Varcoe. This painting is just one of a number of Coorong inspired pieces created by Cedric who will be doing more of his great work at the Kuti Shack, including some demonstrations of his skill over the summer period.

The Location

Nestled amongst the sandhills next to the new Surf Club and Goolwa Beach carpark you’ll find our Kuti Shack. If it were any closer to the water you’d get your feet wet while eating your breakfast.