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    In Ngarrindjeri Pipis are called Kuti. They’ve been harvested from the Coorong for 19,000 years. And the newly formed ‘Kuti Co’ crew of fishers are continuing that tradition.

    Launched in December 2019, Kuti Co is a wholly Ngarrindjeri owned fishing company, and now a major shareholder in Goolwa PipiCo. Its formation created jobs and training opportunities for the Ngarrindjeri people in South Australia.


    Having Kuti Co harvest Goolwa PipiCo’s products also ensures that only traditional and sustainable practices are applied. It also continues connection to country, collaboration with community, and a future built on the Ngarrindjeri’s rich and deep heritage.

    Our partnership with Goolwa PipiCo is tangible example of reconciliation that has become an exemplar for indigenous investment in commercial fishing both here in Australia and at a global level.

    Uncle Derek Walker

    – Ngarrindjeri Elder

    Protecting and preserving
    the pristine environment of
    the Coorong National Park.

    The Coorong National Park is a wild, largely untouched and pristine marine environment that the Ngarrindjeri has protected and preserved for thousands of years. Its cold, clear waters produce some of the world’s best seafood, including the celebrated Goolwa Pipi.


    Working hand in hand with traditional owners, local fishers and family while respecting deep tradition is what makes Goolwa PipiCo so special. It’s more than just a wild fishery and producer. It’s a protector and preserver. It is committed to building connections – while reducing its environmental footprint.

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