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Our Pipis

Sustainably hand harvested Pipis from the pristine ocean off South Australia’s Coorong National Park. Packed live to ensure maximum freshness. Available Live, Frozen or Cooked. Supplied in bulk, 500g or 1kg packs.

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Live and fresh

You will find our fresh, loose Pipis for sale in most good fishmongers. For best results, rinse first and avoid overcooking by removing Pipis from the pan as soon as 80% of the shells have opened. Prise open any unopened shells.

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For convenience, our frozen Pipis are blast frozen to lock in their flavour and moisture straight from the sea. When cooking, treat them like unfrozen Pipis and remove them from the pan as soon as the shells start to pop open.

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Cooked in bag

This product offers ready to serve convenience and a substantial refrigerated shelf life. The added benefit of these Pipis is they can be eaten directly from the pack or simply warmed through for a quick and easy meal.

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Where to buy our Pipis

You can find our Pipis in an increasing number of stockists. If you can’t find Goolwa PipiCo Pipis at your local fishmonger or retailer, type your postcode below to find the nearest stockist.