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Why Harvest Pipis Just To Let Them Go Again?

We have been working with SARDI for more than a decade to better understand pipis and how they grow and change over their life cycle. 

In November 2019 we worked together on a unique research program that involved harvesting, tagging and releasing 1,000 pipis.

While we have no set timeline for this experiment, our goal is to track when and where tagged pipis are found again. When a tagged pipi is located we will be able to compare location and size data and validate our existing understanding of the pipi life cycle. We may also find new information to inform the fishery’s management.

There is a chance that the pipis move a lot and our crews might catch them further down the beach as part of normal fishing activity. We are also interested in recording how the pipis have changed in size over time. We will give a prize to anyone who finds one of these pipis, be that the crews or our staff at the shed.

Data collection like this is critical to inform the management of any resource. We conduct regular scientific surveys throughout the year but we are always looking for more insights that can assist in guiding our fishing practices into the future.