YES – Jessi Singh is back in Australia! To those who are not familiar with the man himself, Jessi is the founder of popular Indian restaurants – Dhaba at the Mill in Kyneton, Horn Please and Babu Ji Melbourne. He left for the US in 2014, where he founded Babu Ji in New York and Santa Barbara, which became one of the most talked about eateries in town (even the New York Times and New York magazine raved on about it!).


Jessi’s brand-new bar and grill restaurant, Daughter In Law, which serves up his signature inauthentic Indian cuisine is now open. Despite his busy schedule at hand, we managed to track him down to talk to us about his coconut curry with Goolwa pipis recipe!




“Goolwa Pipis go extremely well with coconut curry. Because the pipis are so smooth and fresh, they seamlessly blend into the dish. The sweetness of the pipis further accents the sweet tones of the curry – creating the perfect balance between the sweet and spice.”



Jessi’s recipe is an exciting fusion of Californian and Melbourne cuisine, merging familiar flavours to create a unique profile. Jessi touts the freshness and consistency of quality are critical drawcards for Goolwa Pipis and says his customers instantly fall in love with them.